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The Takeover: A short film online tackles interracial dating

March 4, 2013 By  

Less than 30 minutes, The Takeover is an interesting look at how white and black women feel and you might be surprised at what you discover when you look at things from both sides. The production value is outstanding on the flick.

With just over 15,000 YouTube and Vimeo hits, the interracial body swap flick, The Takeover, is proving to be the indie film that could take over the Web. Fueled by positive word of mouth from viewers on Facebook and Twitter, the film has rapidly been picking up fans and followers alike according to the filmmakers.

The Takeover is the story of best friends Ashley, a Caucasian fashion designer, and Tisha, an African American comic book artist, who debate the difficulty of dating in Los Angeles; each arguing that the other has it easier. After help from their favorite barista, Yoshi, and his exotic espresso, the ladies swap bodies and experience the dating scene in each other’s shoes for 24 hours. This hilarious short film presents an inventive, satirical story with a talented cast and great music from Grammy Winning artist PJ Morton.


The ending is rather Hollywood, but then aren’t many of us single black women still holding out hope our Denzel will come? Watch The Takeover and tell us what you think about it.