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Watch Comic Short Film ‘The Takeover’ (The Old Switcheroo)


FEBRUARY 16, 2013 10:20 AM


Here’s your look at filmmaker Shequeta Smith’s comic short film, The Takeover, which is a satirical racial takeoff on what used to be called the old switcheroo. 

Starring Chrystee Pharris and Lindsey Santefort, the film deals with “best friends Ashley, a Caucasian fashion designer, and Tisha, an African American comic book artist, who debate the difficulty of dating; each arguing that the other has it easier. After help from a friend and his potent espresso, the ladies trade places and experience the dating scene in each other’s shoes for 24 hours.

A finalist in the Sundance Filmmaker’s Lab with previous experience in the music business, and on TV sit-coms and reality shows, Ms. Smith says that, the idea for the film came from actual conversations she had with one of her long time friends and former college roommates (who is white), about what would happen if they actually traded places.

In fact, she says that, just yesterday, she was interviewed by a reporter doing a piece on the film. However the reporter never once asked her about the racial undertones in her film, how the film came together, or even about her.

All he was interested in was in Santefort, the white actress, therefore proving her point in the film that black women are constantly being ignored.