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Happy Birthday!

Me at 2 years old!
Happy Birthday!
Oh, wait that is to me! Yay!
What I am grateful for is you. Thank you for always being supportive, encouraging me when you respond back to my emails, or tweets, or Facebook responses.

My birthday wish is that you do something nice for someone today. If you go through a toll- pay for the two cars after you; if you buy a Starbucks coffee today- pay for the person in front of you; if you run into a homeless person- give them food, or a dollar, or even say hi; hold the door for someone; let someone cut in your lane while you are driving to work this morning; do something that will make the next person smile. Maybe your smile might reach me through someone you smiled at, who then smiles at someone else, who then smiles at me! It’s possible! It’s a small world.

More ideas for random acts of kindness

Thanks again for sharing my birthday with me. Knowing you are thinking of me at this moment, is enough to make me smile.

It only takes a split second to smile and forget, yet to someone that needed it, it can last a lifetime. -Steve Maraboli



With Appreciation and a smile,
Chrystee Pharris